Foldr & the Shell Shock Bug

We have conducted extensive tests on the Foldr appliance and we do not currently believe that it is vulnerable to an attack designed to exploit the shell shock bug. However, we will be issuing an update in the forthcoming days as a precaution. Please contact support for more information.

Your users and devices have moved on, your file servers haven't. Your documents remain locked up, difficult to access and impossible to share.

Foldr quickly turns your existing servers into cloud storage - simply, safely and securely. Within minutes you'll be able to access all of your files from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone on-site and remotely. No new accounts, no data to transfer, no fuss.

What's more you can begin sharing those files with other users - inside and outside of the organisation - and collaborating in whole new ways.

It's the freedom of the cloud, without the headaches.

Foldr - Free your files

  • It's your storage, use it!

    Move your data to the cloud without lifting a finger. Foldr acts as a gateway between your existing storage and all of your connected devices. All devices are welcome - Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones - even Chromebooks!
  • Sky Drive? It's MY Drive!

    There's no need to give your data to an external company for "safe keeping". With Foldr your files stay on your servers.
  • Fast setup

    Delivered as a lightweight virtual appliance, deploy Foldr into an existing virtual infrastructure and provision network shares to thousands of users in minutes.
  • Easy configuration

    Foldr requires no changes to your existing network infrastructure. It doesn't even require binding into your directory - true plug & play!
  • Built for Security

    Foldr respects your underlying network permissions, why introduce another layer of complexity to your network? All access to Foldr takes place over SSL.
  • Work remotely... or locally

    Foldr is a VPN-less remote access solution for your network. It provides access from any HTML5-compatible browser making BYOD a reality.
  • iOS workflow done right

    Access all your files using the iOS app on iPad, iPhone or iPod. Save files locally to your device for offline use. Send files/data from other apps to your network.
  • Access Anywhere

    The Foldr web app is built with advanced HTML5 technologies. Move your files and folders with drag and drop, even drag files into the browser to upload them.
  • Take your files with you

    Using the iOS app you can store your files on your device for those meetings where you won't have connectivity. No more printing and no more memory sticks.
  • Streaming Media

    Foldr turns your regular file server into a streaming media hub, no additional hardware or software required!
  • Easily share Files...

    Quickly generate short links (fLinks) to any file on your network. Choose Public or Private and then share without needing to move the file.
  • ...and Folders!

    You can even generate an fLink to an entire folder. Users can then download the contents as a dynamically created zip file.